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ATA PTX-6v1 Grey 4 Button Transmitter

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About Product

The genuine ATA PTX-6v1 Remote features four buttons to allow control of up to four different door or gate openers. The security of this remote is second to none with the rolling code encryption - Tricode™ 128, which effectively means that it transmits over three different frequencies, as well as using a random coding system with trillions of random possibilities for enhanced security. Online price only! Get a great price today for this remote. 

Product Includes

  • 1 x ATA PTX-6v1 Remote
  • 1 x Battery
  • Easy DIY coding instructions
  • FREE Shipping

ATA PTX-6v1 Remote Compatibility

Rollerdoor Openers

  • Model/Make: GDO6v3 EasyRoller
  • Model/Make: GDO6v4 EasyRoller
  • Model/Make: GDO8v3 Shedmaster
  • Model/Make: GDO10v2 Toro
  • Model/Make: GDO10v3 Toro
  • Model/Make: GDO12 Hiro


Sectional Door Openers

  • Model/Make: GDO7v2
  • Model/Make: GDO7v3
  • Model/Make: GDO9v2
  • Model/Make: GDO9v3
  • Model/Make: GDO11v1
  • Model/Make: Tempo ATS-2


Gate Automatic Openers

  • Model/Make: SGO1v3 Elite
  • Model/Make: SGO1v4 Elite
  • Model/Make: NES24v2 NeoSlider
  • Model/Make: NES24v3 NeoSlider
  • Model/Make: NES500 Neoslider
  • Model/Make: NES800 NeoSlider


Industrial Openers

  • Model/Make: Axess Pro Series 3100 (Logic Console Only)
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro Series 3300 (Logic Console Only)
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro 1505 Overhead
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro 600 Slider
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro 800 Slider
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro 200 Swing
  • Model/Make: Axess Pro 400 Swing

Product Warranty

12 month replacement warranty as per ATA's warranty terms