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Cleverseal Panelift Jamb and Head Seal (25mm Brush)

Original price $235.00 - Original price $585.00
Original price
$235.00 - $585.00
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About Product

Cleverseal Panelift Jamb and Head Seal is a perfect to seal the top and side gaps of your Panelift Garage Door.  This fantastic product is designed to instantly keep out dust, pests, bushfire embers, smoke, any excess water and coastal corrosion.  This aluminium seal with a 25mm bristle brush is the right fit to giving your Panelift Garage Door a little something extra.

Product Includes

4 x 1250mm aluminium carriers

2 x 1500mm aluminium carriers

4 x 1250mm - 25mm Dust Bristle Brush

2 x 1500mm - 25mm Dust Bristle Brush

20 x Ramset Nylon Anchor fixings

Product Compatibility

Compatible with your Panelift Door


Product Warranty

5 years warranty as per Cleverseals warranty terms

DIY Resources

Instructions on how to measure your door accurately  - Click here

Product Installation Manual - Click here


Q: Do you offer quotes and installation?

A: This product can most certainly installed yourself however we understand that is not possible for everyone.  At this stage we offer the the additional installation service to those who are are located in the Northern NSW region.  You can check here if this service is available to you.


Q: What is the difference between Standard and Flame Retardant seals?

A: Both seal types are similar in terms of keeping out dust, pests, excess water, and both carry a 5-year warranty. Flame Retardant Cinderseal bristle brush seals help delay the onset of fire. Cleverseal Cinderseal is PA6 Nylon flame retardant material which self-extinguishes when bush fire ember contact is made. It is deemed to comply with AS3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. For more information on flame retardant seals, Cleverseal offer some great information here.