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Cleverseal Cobra Bottom Bristle Brush Seals

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$170.00 - $565.00
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About Product

The heavy-duty Cleverseal Cobra bottom door seal will help you close the gaps of your uneven floor surfaces particularly helping you stop rain, dust, wind and pests breaching through.  

Cobra bottom of door seals is a quick and easy installation to the bottom of the garage doorway opening and are available in a variety of lengths to suit your garage, industrial warehouse or shed.

Product Includes

Cleverseal Cobra seals comes in a complete kit with everything you need.   This includes:

1 x 2500mm Aluminum Carrier

1 x 2500mm – 30mm Dust Bristle Brush

1 x 2500mm Flexible Santoprene Blade

1 x 2500mm Black Cover Strip

10 x Fixings


This product comes in a range of sizes, making them compatible with all Garage Doors, Industrial warehouse & Sheds

Product Warranty

5-year warranty

Instruction Manual

You can find DIY installation instructions here